What is it?

     CSI DesignPro is a website design tool that allows users with no technical knowledge to design and publish a professional looking website in-house within 24 hours of sign-up. CSI DesignPro is so simple and easy to use that users need only know how to use a web browser and fill out forms.

     CSI DesignPro was developed for banks and other organizations that want a presence on the Internet but don’t want to pay an outside consultant thousands of dollars to build a website and hourly fees to keep it current. Nor do they want to spend tens of thousands annually for an in-house technology guru to do the same thing.

     Websites designed and maintained through CSI DesignPro meet security regulations set by federal agencies and are protected by the same firewalls that CSI uses for its banking applications. Banks do not have to be CSI customers to qualify for CSI DesignPro, and businesses other than banks can also use this tool.


How does it work??

     The new product’s big draw is a “behind-the-scenes” wizard that enables users to build their sites with a series of simple clicks. For instance, a bank can choose colors for its website from a huge color palette and set the look of its homepage from a collection of professionally designed templates. Users enter information into simple forms to establish and maintain pages for branch locations, rates, ATM locations, Internet Banking, contact information and products. A “soft links” page can be used to quickly connect visitors to external sites, such as a community’s local Chamber of Commerce.

     CSI DesignPro comes loaded with a library of duty-free images, and CSI can also provide graphic design services for an hourly fee. FDIC and Equal Housing Lender logos, required by law on every banking website, are also included in the package. Website content can be changed at any time, and CSI DesignPro’s “preview” mode can be used to insure that design and content are correct before each page is published.

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About Computer Services, Inc.

     Computer Services, Inc. (CSI), provides service and software solutions for community banks. In addition to core processing, our integrated banking solutions include imaging, cash management, Internet banking, corporate intranets, secure web hosting, e-messaging, online shopping, teller and platform services, ATM and debit card service and support, risk assessment, network management, and compliance software and services for regulatory compliance, homeland security and fraud prevention. Over 2000 financial institutions are served with CSI’s products and services. For more information, visit the company's web site at www.csiweb.com.

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