Layout Control

     The layout control for CSI DesignPro is broken down into 3 easy to use sections- logo upload, color selections, and template choice with complimentary images.


Content Control - Content Section

     In the content section for CSI DesignPro, you can select pages to add or remove from your site. Once you have the selected the pages you want to use, you are ready to begin adding content to those pages. Some highlights include- being able to re-order the content in a page and/or selecting a portion of the content to not be published with the rest of the page.


Role Delegation

     CSI DesignPro is wrapped in a security structure that allows for an admin to create specific role accounts. These accounts enable other people in your organization to log in and only be able to perform certain tasks.


Template Examples

     View some examples of CSI DesignPro templates.

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