Layout Control

     The layout control for CSI DesignPro is broken down into 3 easy to use sections- logo upload, color selections, and template choice with complimentary images.


Content Control

     CSI DesignPro offers more than 10 pages for users to select to add to their site. Content entered for each page can be re-arranged.


Role Delegation - Manage Accounts Section

     In the manage accounts section for CSI DesignPro, you can add users with certain roles to assist in the production of your site. Role breakdown- (1) An editor would be someone who can log in and only be able to modify the layout and content but could not publish the site live. (2) A previewer could log in and view the site before it gets published. (3) A publisher can just publish the site and can not make any content changes.


Template Examples

     View some examples of CSI DesignPro templates.

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